Mission update-Year End 2021

This has been a really good year for the mission, the ministry, and the Kingdom. Here are the highlights:

1. Mona’s children’s ministry has grown from 12 kids in one village to more than 70 in 2 or 3 different villages. Some of these kids are migrating into the youth and young people ministry at the church in Gabaldon, and she spends 4 to 5 days per week away from home, staying in Gabaldon now. There are always kids and youth visiting her and hearing the word on almost a daily basis. Please be praying for the families of the children Mona touches. Every time she teaches or has fellowship with a group of kids, there are adults present and they hear the word, but most remain caught up in the pastimes of drinking and gambeling. (cards, dominoes, and fighting chickens) These are widespread problems in the country.

2. Pastor Hann’s youngest son, Pim, has 6 months more to go in Bible College here in the US, in Ohio. I’m anxious to see how God uses him there in Gabaldon.

3. Pastor Eric Hennessey is still recovering from his illness. He is able to sit up and use his hands and arms. He is able to speak. He is still bound to a wheelchair. The church there in Cabanatuan City is doing well. The Hennesseys have left their home and converted part of the church into living space in order to reduce expenses. Again, the church is doing well.

4. The church in Tarlac City is exploding. They had to abandon the outreach mission building they had rented in the city because of COVID. But now they are looking to start again in a new building, when one comes available and when the budget permits. Twice this year, the church has trekked into a remote area to do outreach there, and we are praying for a Pastor to take a hold of that ministry.

5. I don’t have an exact count, but as of Christmas day the number of salvations has reached between 170 and 180, with about 50 baptisms in the Philippines this year. (that is the best part for me)

6. We collected well over 1000 pcs of kids’ clothing and shoes to send this year. We shipped 7 boxes. (none of them have reached the philippines yet because of all the problems and issues with supply chain) We still have 5 more boxes to send. I’ll do that later this year after I know the rest of the boxes are starting to be delivered. 7. The Mission’s involvement here in the US continues to grow. We preach and teach in 2 different churches weekly in Booneville and Lincoln, Arkansas. The church in Lincoln is starting a Recovery Ministry, and I have been asked to lead that. Teresa continues her involvement in a Feeding ministry in Booneville for the homeless population there in town, which is also growing. Teresa has also become the “chief cook and bottle washer” at the Cumberland Presbyterian church where we serve on Sunday mornings. We also contribute to the food pantry at Unity Church in West Fork, Arkansas.

We thank everyone for all of the gifts, money, and prayers. Let’s “Do it NEW in ‘22”!!!

God is good. Be blessed.

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