Mission Update June 2020

A friend of mine from Cabanatuan City, in the Philippines died just a few weeks ago.

Ever since I came to know him more than a year ago, he was mostly bed ridden. He could sit up and sometimes, when it was necessary, he he could walk with assistance for a few steps, but his earthly life was primarily sedentary, in bed, in the most humble of homes, in a neighborhood that was far less than desirable…

Then he died…

But his eternal life was secure in Christ, so he left this world in peace. I remember going to see him once or twice each week to have bible studies with him and his family. He got saved during one of those visits, as did each member of his family. (there are lots of stories to tell about those visits)

I was introduced to him by his oldest daughter, who got saved as an adult in Vacation Bible School. She had only come to watch over the kids from the neighborhood. But someone saw an opportunity and was obedient to it.

All that came about through what, at the time, seemed like happenstance or coincidence, but God will always use obedience to His will and purpose. The details of the story are much deeper, but it’s enough to know that God is always with us, working in us, giving us both the desire and the ability to do his good pleasure. (Philippians 2)

I’ve written about this story before. And I do it again because it has had such a profound effect on me. It has brought me to a deeper understand of why pursuing a life worthy of the gospel is so important.

The world isn’t going to change by itself, so let’s stop waiting for it to do that. If we really want to spread love, let us please start by being open and obedient to God’s will and purpose for us in our own lives.

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