Mission Update 3/19/2020

We’ve all felt the effects of COVID-19 here in the US in some way. Many of us have family, friends and loved ones abroad who have also experienced the pains promised by this sickness. Here are a few snapshots of what our churches and missionaries in the Philippines are experiencing. We are not the only ones to suffer loss and understand what it is to be “socially distanced” from our brothers and sisters in a lost and dying world.

I believe we really are in the “beginning of sorrows” Jesus Spoke about in Matthew 24. It’s undeniable. But COVID-19 is also a device of the enemy meant to separate us – to break our habit of gathering together to worship –  to live with fear – to slow or even stop the spread of the Gospel.

And it seems to be working. We’re separated physically, being kept from assembling for worship, from going to school, from going to work. And we’re being separated spiritually because focusing on personal problems and circumstances in times like like this causes us to turn inward, forgetting about our brethren, and our purpose as saved, blood-bought, born again, true believing, followers of Jesus Christ.

But if you look hard enough in these “testimonies”, You don’t just see problems. You can see examples of the principal of obedient, humble, self denying Unity – with the goal of edifying others – so that all can be strengthened – so everyone shining as lights in a lost and dying world – with the priority of life being to share the Gospel. (Philippians 1&2)

Be blessed!!!


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