Mission update December 31, 2019

The pictures are at the end of the post, but please read it thru first.

2019 has been a very blessed year. There have been obstacles and rough spots for sure, but Jesus is sovereign over everything. Through traditional worship services, outreaches, recovery ministries, children’s and family ministries, youth and young professional programs, and special services for church anniversaries Christmas Holidays and the like, 213 souls have been saved, and 30 baptisms in the US and Philippines.  Focus has shifted from filling seats in church buildings to bearing real and true fruit in the Kingdom.

We’ve seen so much growth, and it’s such a blessed, wonderful, humbling thing. We’re engaged with a half dozen churches, a police installation and a military outpost in the Philippines.

Everyone should remember that earlier this year, we realized that the mission’s 2019 finances were unable to sustain the the ministries, especially with the growth they have experienced, through the rest of the year. Also, the need for transportation, construction/improvements, and other special needs in some of the churches we’re engaged with added to the financial  burden.

I took these issues as a leading or calling to come back to the US, resume fundraising, continue ministry, and take a job so I could be a part of resolving the financial problems while Mona, the local missionary, and the young professionals and youth from Gabaldon and Cabanatuan City (and later others) continued in the work-on-the-ground. It’s not what I wanted to do, it’s what I knew I was being called to do. So, I obeyed that call.

And God is good.

I came home to the US and found a great job while continuing to share the Word and minister in partnership with several of our supporting churches. A few of those salvations and baptisms mentioned earlier happened here. We started a new home bible study ministry, and we’re planning more. We’re working with a local veterans ministry and continue to share and participate in addiction recovery ministries.  I’ve even been asked to supply as a preacher/teacher on Sundays in a local church while they search for a new pastor.

I’m excited to let everyone know that we are renovating an old house to open as Rooftop’s mission house in Fayetteville, where we can continue to minister by meeting physical needs, offering bible studies, and holding prayer meetings. Of course it will also be a place where I can talk about the Philippines mission.

The best part is this. All of this is going on while the needs of the mission in the Philippines are being slowly met. The Word is being shared, people are being saved… And I’m still praying for the day He sends me away again, either back to The Philippines or some other place. God is always strong to finish the work He starts. He never leaves us hanging. Open doors really are “open doors”.

This is what it looks like to say “yes” when He calls us.

I dare you all to look back through the blog history on this website and the fb posts on my personal page and on the mission’s page all the way back to 2015 to see what God has done and is still doing.

It’s going to be another awesome year. Stay with me and see for yourself.

If you want to be a part of all this, please keep praying for Rooftop Covenant Mission and all the extended ministries in both the Philippines and in the US as the doors open wider.



A special thanks to all our supporting churches and supporting individuals, and prayer partners. This is your fruit.

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