Mission Update 10.17.2019


The update looks like this:

Since I left the country in July of this year, there have been 21 new salvations in the 3 of the of the areas the we are engaged in. There have been 4 new baptisms, and 18 baptisms are planed for the end of the month. Praise God for His goodness!! Every bit of this growth in the Kingdom has been God working through the Disciples we’ve made together over the past 3 years.

Current funding has helped to provide 1 new (used) motorcycle, helmets, and fuel so missionaries can cover more ground faster and more effectively, food for daily and weekly scheduled bible study fellowships and special events, and support for sustainment of church operations.

Next month we plan to buy a side car for 1 motorcycle (which was donated by a church pastor) to help with transportation issues – a wonderful issue to have for a growing church!

In December, we’re going to try and help fund a 3-day youth/young professional bible camp and retreat for the Christmas Holiday period. 3 to 4 churches have been invited to attend This is a great opportunity to for new  Salvations – 7 were saved in the one we sponsored in the summer. It’s also a great opportunity for disciples from the young pro group to witness and help teach and influence the youth they pair with.

Between now and then I’m sure there will be lots of pictures to share on future updates.

God bless


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