Mission Update 8.30.2019


What He wants, when and where He wants (part 3) 

When God opens a big, powerful door (1 Corinthians 16:9), it is always an opportunity to do what He wants, when and where He wants. What He wants is always connected to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ (Matthew 10:27-31, Matthew 28:16-20, et. al.). That’s how we give Him Glory. It sometimes involves struggle, trials, and sacrifices. But that’s OK because He is always with us. What He wants, always leads to a kind of peace that is almost impossible to explain (John 14:27)

The door He opened to us in 2015 required sacrifices to be sure, of our home and possessions, my job and livelihood, friends, FAMILY. Practically everything we knew and were comfortable with about life had to go, and there were many adversaries. But in saying “YES”, the result was peace and other blessings I can’t count.

No matter how much you prepare for it, Ministry in any context, especially a foreign context, is hard and scary because there are so many adversaries. But in saying “YES” the result has been peace and still more blessings. Each time we were led to a new place or a new kind of ministry, it involved giving something up to move deeper into the big and powerful opportunity God had opened up. But every time we said “YES” to giving something up, there was something better waiting. Peace and blessings are always the result because He is always with us according to His Word.

And now we’re being led still further into the opportunity to give Him what He wants, when and where He wants. It’s time to say “YES” again.

The ministries that we have started as well as the ones we have partnered into in the Philippines not only remain, but are increasing (1 Corinthians 3:7). The adversary now has become one of finance. To sustain what already exists and provide for continued growth requires more than the mission can handle from our support as missionaries on the ground there. So I and our mission board have decided that I need to remain here in the US to conduct fundraising indefinitely. All funds raised will go toward sustaining and growing the mission in the Philippines.

Additionally, I am seeking job and business opportunities here so I can be a significant contributor to this cause as well. My being here in the US will help in 2 ways. First, 100% of the funds normally used for my support can be used to meet the ministry need. Second, I can add to fundraising efforts from a regular household income the way our supporters are doing now with one-time and monthly recurring financial gifts each year. The hope is that one day, in God’s time, I will be able to return to full time ministry in the Philippines. But for the foreseeable future the priority is the needs of the ministries God has used us to help build and possibly being able to  make annual or semi annual short term mission trips there.

For the upcoming year, the (known) one-time and monthly recurring financial need totals significantly more than the $33,000.00 goal we’ve had in each of the previous years that included my personal support. I can’t share the itemized details of those expenses here on social media, but I will be sharing those details with the churches and individual donors who currently support the mission as I give my testimony during normal fundraising efforts. As much as possible, everyone will have an opportunity to adopt a particular item on the list and determine how they want their gifts to be used. Please be watching my personal and mission facebook pages to see when and where those testimonies will happen and plan to attend. Im also available via email and my personal fb messenger to discuss those details with potential supporters who want to become involved.

One-time and monthly recurring gifts can be given via check or money order to

Rooftop Covenant Mission, PO BOX 587 Prairie Grove, AR 72753

Or via gofundme links on the Rooftop Covenant Mission FB Page and on the website:


Everyone is also invited to pray for the continued fruitful success of this mission. Your prayers are highly valued and coveted because prayer works (1 John 5:14-15) Please remember that your prayers and financial support are not in vain (1 Corinthians 3:8).

Whatever God calls you to do in your life, my advice is to Say “YES”. Make the sacrifice. Suffer the trials. Walk through the open door. Peace and blessing are waiting somewhere on the other side, and He is with you.









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