Mission Update 6.30.2019

The past few months have been filled… With the heat of the summer months, with preaching and teaching, with fellowship and outreach, and every other sort of activity one would expect of life on mission. I had the honor of filling in as the pastor of a church in Cabanatuan City during the months of April and May – an experience I don’t think I will ever be able to describe accurately. The mission survived 3 Vacation Bible Schools, 1 3-day Youth Camp, and a week-long trip to Batangas City to visit our receiving church. I’m sure most of you have followed the ongoing stories on facebook.


So far this mission year, 84 souls have been saved. 10 of those have been during these and other activities over the past months since March. (1 of those was just today during services at River of Life Baptist Church in town, and 1 last week during services at Mount Bethel Baptist Church out in the Province)

The church at Mount Bethel has started its campus ministry in the public school system, and we remain involved in that. (CAN ANYONE IMAGINE JESUS IN PUBLIC SCHOOL?) Meanwhile, the church in River of Life has begun some much needed improvements in its building. They added exhaust fans this week to help keep things cooler during services.

The Police Ministry and my relationship with them remains strong. We have devotional time every week, and we also provide goods and bibles for them to distribute to those who need them most in their Area of Responsibility.


We thank God for His increase and we praise Him for His glorious work.

I had to re-schedule my return trip to the US a couple of months early this year. I coming home on July 17th; just over 2 weeks from today. Because I’m leaving so early this year, I decided it would be best to give up the mission house and store our belongings elsewhere to save money.

You have to remember, we poured our lives out to be on mission here, and this house has been home for more than 2 years now. Seeing it emptied of its contents and abandoned was hard. Walking away for the last time this past week was even harder.

But life is still beautiful in Christ, and I have tons of pictures and memories of this      once-upon-a-time home on the mountain, by the sea.

Everyone be praying for the future of this Mission. I’m not sure what God has planned yet. And also be in prayer for these 3 ministries: Batangas Christ Baptist Church, Mount Bethel Baptist Church, River of Life Baptist Church. All have experienced growth, and all are planing new construction projects.

Be blessed, and I will see everyone soon!


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