Mission Update 3.7.2019


The footprint of this Mission and its Ministry seems to be growing and expanding. Recently, personal circumstances caused Teresa to return to the US while I remain here in the Philippines. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it was the right thing to do for the Kingdom.

And with that decision, comes the opportunity for us to be involved in more meaningful ways with ministries where we are already connected in the US. Specifically, I’m speaking about the M25 homeless and Restoration House addiction ministries, both of which are based in our sending church in Northwest Arkansas.

Also, Teresa and a few of her close friends are working on a new project in her Hometown of Booneville, Arkansas.

For the next few months, The Philippines ministry will focus on 2 area churches:

  1. River of Life Baptist Mission Church in Cabanatuan City
  2. Mount Bethel Baptist Mission Church in the Municipality of Gabaldon

In Cabanatuan, I will stand in as a substitute Pastor during April and May while the Pastor and his family are away.

In Gabaldon, I will make weekly visits for youth discipleship/fellowship with an emphasis on soul-winning.

Over the next 3 months this mission will coordinate and assist in financing 2 separate Vacation Bible Schools – 1 in each of the 2 churches, and a Youth retreat that combines both churches.

With operations in 2 countries in the works, we need our partners now more than ever:

  1. Your prayers – please be in prayer for this mission and all of these activities. Nothing about this is easy.
  2. Your participation – anyone who wants to join in and help in any way with any of these activities feel free to contact me via the email on this website. If you’re interested in any of the ministries in the US, I will put you in touch with Teresa. Anyone who wants to come here and see what’s going on – COME ON, I DARE YOU.
  3. Your gifts – increases in scope and activity in 2 hemispheres pretty much requires an increase in financial needs. Please give as you are led.

Im very interested in hearing your feedback, so please tell me what you think about the direction we are headed. I will be watching for your feedback in the blog comments.

Mission Update 3.1.2019

In Genesis 27:46 Rebekah reminds Isaac of the need to keep the bloodline pure and she pushes Isaac to do the right thing by providing the leadership and instruction a father is supposed to provide to his son, Jacob. This is something that Isaac had failed miserably at in the past. The proof of this is in the past and continuing errors in Esau’s life choices. By doing this Rebekah is also reminding Isaac of his importance in God’s plan; to build a Nation that God will use to bless all nations. The value of their lives is zero apart from God and His plan.

*Let’s take a minute with that thought and apply it to our own lives.

What is God’s plan for your life? Are you trying to follow that plan? Or are you finding your worth and value in other things? If you choose to ignore God’s plan for you, how will that effect the people you love, and even others you don’t even know yet?