Mission Update 12.31.2018


Happy New Year and God bless to everyone. We wish you are all blessed with a new year full of growth and discipleship. We also hope that everyone you know who does not know Jesus Christ will come to that saving knowledge by your witness and example this year.

Teresa and I arrived back in The Philippines on December 6th. Slowly, step-by step, ministry is beginning to take it’s form again by God’s amazing grace. We never really know exactly what ministry will look like each year when we return from our annual visit back to the US because it’s always not exactly the same when you return as when you leave. But there are 3 things that are always constant and steady:

  1. Obstacles and problems. There are always issues with the house and vehicle that have to be overcome. Jet lag. Language adjustment. Jet lag. Cultural adjustment. Jet Lag. There are all kinds of issues that arise that bring fear and frustration, worry and doubt. Especially when you’re doing your annual reset. But those things always smooth out because…
  2. Your real friends and ministry partners still love you and are glad to see you. They are always willing to help where they can. Unity in Christ is such a wonderful thing.
  3. Most importantly, God is good, all the time. When He calls you to a task, He never leaves you unable to handle the challenges. When He makes a promise, He always protects it. And He always lets you know when you’re headed in the right direction.

In the 3 and a half weeks that we’ve been back, we’ve seen church ministry exploding with new opportunities, a chance to renew and expand local and regional recovery ministries, and new opportunities for discipleship ministries. But the best part is that in that short amount of time (25 days) we’ve seen 26 souls saved. All you have to do is say “yes” to God and be willing to do the work He gives you and use the resources He provides, the way He wants it done.

It’s gonna be a busy, beautiful, stressful, wonderful, tiring, awesome, worrisome, blessed year! I can’t wait!!!

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