Mission Update 8.29.2018

A second year for Rooftop Covenant Mission is coming to a close. In some ways, it’s been a difficult year. Personal and family illness and spiritual attacks have taken their tolls. But in all the ways that matter most, it has been a year worth celebrating. God is so good.

Every person in this picture has had a personal experience with Jesus Christ. Every one of them is saved, and every one of them is growing in their faith.

This is my favorite picture of the year because the ones in it have become such an important part of our lives, and because these are a representation of at least 693 souls that God has saved and lives that He has changed by His Grace through Faith in Jesus.

Teresa and Mona and I are determined to continue sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, giving away the Word of God to every one we can, any way we can.

We need your help. Financial gifts can be given through the “donate” button on this site or by mailing checks and money orders directly to the mission at:

Rooftop Covenant Mission

PO box 587 Prairie Grove, AR 72753

Teresa and I will be here through Thanksgiving. We hope to see as many of our friends and family as we can.