Mission Update December 26, 2017

We made it back home from the US on December 1st. What a blessing it is to have such wonderful family, friends, church and ministry families.

And as the visit closed, we found the doors here at home in Dingalan still wide open.24312693_1135934469871468_1047121621744706256_n

While I began working with the local church in Paltic to finish the purchase of the property for the new mission church in Butas Na Bato, Teresa began preparing to help “feed the masses”and hand out clothes, shoes, and toys for Christmas.

So, Christmas here was awesome. I wish there was a way to count all the kids and families Teresa has been a blessing to this year, especially for Christmas. And we also want to thank everyone who supports this ministry with financial and material gifts because you are the ones God uses to make these things happen.

But God never lets us forget that EVERYTHING is a part of His true purpose for our lives:                     Sharing the Simple Gospel and seeing souls saved and lives changed. 24993314_1141762065955375_4895757953269924062_n24991247_1138318756299706_7186949456217797409_n24852580_1138319036299678_1310593022211419697_n24294227_1135934773204771_4034546693546397884_n

There have been some new developments in the Police and Military ministry. The police ministry has expanded {temporarily} to include 12th grade work/study students, so we have been blessed to minister to these kids on a weekly basis along with the Police in Dingalan. Most of the Kids you see in this picture have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior as a direct result of this ministry. Special thanks to Pastor Aldrin Binuya for including us in this ministry, as it began while we were away visiting the US. 25395912_1143044739160441_4992257178309166348_n

We also been asked to minister to the 703rd Infantry in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija {about an hour away from home}. This began just a few days ago with a day of Fellowship and range time. Unit-to-Unit weekly bible studies will begin after the first of the new year. We will make sure to keep you posted.

Update on the Recovery Ministry:

In addition to Bahay Pagbabago {Restoration House} in the Municipalities of Dingalan and Gabaldon, We are now Ministering Recovery weekly in a large rehabilitation facility housed inside a military base near Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija. This is a 1000+ bed facility, and the clients attend by court order/commitment. They come from all over the country. No small task, I know – especially for me. But God is good. And so is Mona, my Language Partner. We’re happy to report that last Saturday more than 150 men were saved. Praise God, Praise God. Now these men can move forward with their Recovery as “Sons of God”. And they can continue to grow and in The Lord during each week of ministry during their stay in the Facility.

Sorry, there’s no photography allowed on the facility, but this picture says it all. 24059049_1135272506604331_913061419110852864_n

To our supporters and prayer partners in the US as well as the Filipino ministry teams and partners here, Your fruit looks like this for the year so far:

A mission House Ministry and house-to-house Bible Studies continue to yield Salvations, Discipleship, and Baptisms in Malitam, Batangas City.

A Student Bible Study Ministry in a Boarding House in Alagilan, Batangas City continues to yield Salvations, Discipleship, and Baptisms.

A Mission Church has been raised in Butas Na Bato, Dingalan. The man chosen as Mission Pastor is a reformed “drug personality” who was saved in Bahay Pagbabago. He lives in Butas Na Bato.

Many, many, many fed and clothed.

Medical health and welfare needs seen to for a select few; reading glasses, prescription glasses, medicines, etc.

About 360 bibles placed in the hands of men, women, children, families

 >>>>>564 salvations<<<<<

Glory to God.


PS: I love my Boss 😉