Mission Update: August 2017

Hello everyone from East Central Luzon in the Philippines. We pray everyone is healthy and well. We also pray for the storm victims in Texas and in Florida. It’s been two months since the last post. Teresa and I have been really busy moving… and adjusting to life in our new place in Central Luzon. But God is good and He is forever full of Mercy and Grace. We love it here.

The Lord continues to bless. The ministry here has exploded. We minister now much in the same way as before; through Celebrate Recovery, and by more traditional ways of outreach and soul winning.


We continue to see God’s blessing on His work here in some pretty special ways. In all my life I have never felt more blessed than to watch and listen as someone that I have personally shared the Gospel and a new bible – use that Gospel and that new bible to help bring a new soul to the Lord.


Since Teresa’s last visit to the US in April, she got involved with a clothing ministry in Booneville, Arkansas called “Stitched with love”. So her feeding ministry has extended to provide clothing to needy children here in partnership with that ministry.

But this ministry has also been extended to reach the Police, Military and areas of local government. We minister now on a weekly basis to the police in two municipalities. We give devotional messages weekly to the municipal offices in Dingalan. We minister regularly at a military outpost in Aurora Province. And the Bless Our Cops Ministry has received approval to open regular Worship Services on Fort Magsaysay, a military base about 30 minutes away from our home in Dingalan.

In keeping up with our friends in Batangas City, The mission work we started in Malitam continues to produce new fruit with even more outreach and bible studies happening each week than ever before.


Additionally, as we left Batangas City in July, these same friends, From Batangas Christ Baptist Church, have become actively involved in the same Bless Our Cops Ministry that God used to bring us here to Aurora and Nueva Ecija Provinces. It’s strange that they never heard of that ministry before that time.

There are no coincidences, no accidents. There are no reasonable explanations of circumstances that could adequately explain things. There is only – now and always – the higher thoughts and ways of the Mighty God we serve. There is only the higher life that Jesus died to give us all.

As of today, we know of 296 souls that have been saved since November 2016. More than 300 bibles have been given away. Teresa continues to “feed and cloth the Nations”, and we’ve had a few opportunities to provide medical assistance to some of those in the most need. We were received here by Pastor Aldrin Binuya and The Paltic Baptist Church in Dingalan. We praise God for their partnership and prayer support. I’m teaching a soul winning class in the church on Sunday afternoons and lead an outreach team to a village called Butas na Bato where families are ministered to in different ways each week. Several have been saved there. Our Goal is to raise a new mission church there as soon as possible. Please keep that in your prayers.


Also, be praying earnestly for Mona. (pictured above) She is a new full time member of our Ministry Family as our teacher and interpreter. We love her dearly!

Teresa  and I will be coming back to the US for a visit to see family and friends and give our testimony about the mission here in as many places as we can. Please follow our FB pages and this website to come hear the news and have fellowship with us.

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