God is good, All the time. I would like to begin this update with our prayer requests:

Please continue to be in prayer for those in the middle of the unrest in Marawi, Mindanao, Philippines North of Davao City. First for those suffering persecution and those fleeing the area as refugees. Then for the men and women in uniform – both the Police and the Military – who are working to restore order in the Region. Lastly, but not least, please pray for divine revelation from the one true God of Jesus Christ upon the People of Islam who perpetrate the atrocities in Marawi.

Please continue to be in prayer for Pastor Ephriam Camacho and his family, of Batangas Christ Baptist Church. Ephriam underwent triple bypass surgery in recent days, and is still in the hospital recovering. Please pray for his speedy, uncomplicated recovery and healing, increased faith in Jesus Christ and the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for strength and courage for his family – all very strong women – as they as they care for Pastor during his healing process.

Please continue to pray not only for the church, but for Batangas Christian School as it grows and expands, because of both increased enrollments, and new government requirements for its facilities. The ministry teams here have been working very hard to get the construction done on their own.

There is a brother and sister here who are very dear and close to our hearts. Jaycar and Yeshren Mamerto. Their Father died recently, and they are traveling to their home in Mindanao to attend to the funeral and be with their family. Please pray for God’s protection, mercy, peace, comfort, and blessings to pour out on them and their family as they mourn their loss and in their travels.

Now, for the praises. Please join us in thanking God for these things:

Teresa Left for the US in April, and just returned a few days ago. She was able to join me in Aurora Province, North of Manila, and we were there for several days. It’s so good to have my partner back safe and sound.

While in the US, Teresa connected with a ministry called “Stiched with Love” and was given hand crafted dresses for a world wide children’s ministry. This is the first dress given in Aurora


As many of you know, while Teresa was gone I became involved in a ministry to the Police, Military, and drug addiction in Region Three of The Philippines. During the weeks and months that Teresa was gone, I travelled back and forth between these regions, splitting my time between the new mission church in Malitam, Batangas City and the various mission ministries in the North. Now, we will be moving permanently to Aurora Province and serving in those ministries. By God’s grace and wisdom, BCBC has assigned a Filipino ministry worker to the mission church in Malitam. We will continue to be involved in this ministry through financial support for the mission church and regular visits as well as open communication with Brother Daniel Agua, the assigned Mission Pastor/Leader. Please help us pray for the continued growth of this new work.

Our efforts in Region  have also been fruitful. Since we began ministering there in three of the mission churches [spread over a considerable distance in rural areas] We’ve seen at least twenty seven new salvations, mostly from the Military and Police.

While I was there in Aurora with Teresa this past week, we found our new home and are preparing for our new ministry life there. [as you look at the picture below, please take note of the name on the gate]


So please join Teresa and I in Thanking God for this new opportunity to do His work and His will. Please pray with us for Him to bless our new home. We want to abide in Him more so that we are even more fruitful to His glory.


We also want to thank God for the healing power of prayer. In the past several weeks we have seen marriages restored. Through believing prayer, we have seen situations, circumstances, and problems made right. Those are pictures that can’t be posted. But we have also seen the healing of of the sick – especially children. Praise the God of Jesus Christ for the healing of these kids:

When I pray for the healing of sickness and infirmities, and even for prayer requests in general, I am always reminded of two questions that Jesus asked in the context of healing:

“Do you want to be made well?” – from John 5:6, and “Do you believe I can make you well?” – from Matthew 9:28.

I think maybe in asking these questions, Jesus was digging a whole lot deeper than just the surface of the matters at hand. But I’ll let all of you judge that for yourselves.

In the name of Jesus, be well.