Mission Update: 5/8/17

The past several weeks have been unique. Teresa left the Philippines for a visit to the US. She’s there in Northwest Arkansas now, splitting her time between Fayetteville in Washington County, and Booneville in Logan County. She’s been giving “our” testimony about the mission to our sending and supporting churches, and also spending some valuable time with kids and grandkids. Please pray for her. She will be speaking to the UMC family in Booneville and Washburn this weekend. If you have not heard her talk about the mission, you should go. I hear she’s a pretty good speaker.

While Teresa’s been gone these past several weeks, I found some neat functions on my phone:

Oh well. I just thought it was worth mentioning.

I was invited to a rural Mission Church in Nueva Ecija Province a few hours north of Manila. I went there just after Teresa flew out to the US. What I found was a wealth of ministry opportunity and possibilities there, to the Military, the Police, and to an innumerable population of surrendered drug addicts as well as an unreached population of tribal people.  I was given access to a military base where I was able to help minister to Warriors… like me… and I loved it!!! We participated in Bible Studies and and blood drives. Several were saved that night. Those soldiers as well as others are now attending the Mission church. How awesome is that?! The Ministry area also covers a neighboring province – Aurora,

I got to know the Mission Pastor and his family very well during my trip. These folks have a way of making you feel like family. I found the same thing to be true with the Mission Church Family they lead there in Liwayway too. The overall feeling I had while I was there reminded me of my Home Church, FCC, in Prairie Grove.



I’ll be going back to that area for a few days next week (the week of the 15th) to investigate the Police, Addiction, and Tribal Ministry Opportunities. Please be praying with Teresa and I for God’s will in these matters. Those who know me best, understand why I love Police and Military people so much, and after seeing the wonderful things God has done and continues to do in Malitam, addiction ministry is also heavy on my heart and at the front of all my thoughts. Also continue to pray with Teresa and I for someone from BCBC to be assigned as the Mission Pastor for the ongoing work in Malitam. I had no Idea that God would move so mightily and quickly to start a work there, but He did, and it’s there, and it’s ready to explode. With a Filipino Pastor in Place from BCBC – it will!!!

As for Malitam, it is very hard to keep finding new ways to same the same things. All I can really do is send a few pictures and tell some brief stories that could never come close to explaining what it is like to see people become born again and watch their lives change – while you’re standing there – up close. The 2 most significant things I want everyone to see and hear about are:

  1. The spiritual growth and strength of the core group in the addiction ministry. They Humble me. These men are proof that nothing is impossible with Jesus. Change is not only possible, but inevitable with Jesus in control. There was one setback. A female member of the group was arrested several days ago, and no one has heard from her since then. I have not been able to see or speak to her family. Please be praying for this woman. Her name is Maylene. There is always hope with Jesus.
  2. The other thing of real significance is the evangelical movement that seems to be building in this village, and the promise found in Acts 16:31 (and your house) that seems to be coming to life.                                                                                                         It really falls in line with Celebrate Recovery Principal 8:                                                                Yield myself to be used by God to bring this good news to othersMatthew 10:8 “… freely you have received; freely give.”

    These are pictures of people who were saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ because a friend or family member brought them to a bible study, prayer meeting, or Spiritual Counseling Service most recently.

Someone’s child, or wife, or husband, or close friend receives Christ because they got saved and they want their loved ones to know what they know. This kind of thing really moves you when you see it as a complete outsider.

Since November, 2016 the number of saved is 200. And a large percentage of that number is actively pursuing Jesus Christ in discipleship through one or all of the many opportunities provided by Church/ Sunday School attendance, Mission Church Services, Simple Church Fellowships, prayer services, and Counseling meetings. We’ve given away more than 200 Bibles and New Testaments, and we’re still gathering funds to continue the rooftop repair ministry here. That is something everyone should be praying about. We have 3 homes to repair, and the anticipated material costs will total

1,200.00 to 1,500.00 US$. If you can help with that please use the Donation link on the website or FB page. Thanks in advance.

To all of our supporters and prayer partners – This is YOUR WORK, and God is blessing it!!! Please, please, please, be in prayer for a Mission Pastor here from our receiving church – BCBC.

Also please be praying for me. Teresa will be gone another month and the freezer full of her precooked, pre-measured food  is about empty already.

Yours in Christ,