Mission Update: 4/7/2017

In Batangas City, The Word is still being provided as best as possible. To date 120 complete parallel language bibles in English/Tagalog have been handed out as well as another 64 parallel language paper-back New Testaments. Additionally, Teresa and I have given away several Personal Evangelism Bibles to the Pastors, Ministry Workers, and young people at our Receiving Church – Batangas Christ Baptist Church (BCBC).

People are still coming to Jesus, both out in the field and in the “Evangelistic Services” at BCBC on Sunday mornings. This is definitely an evangelical church and one should never expect to hear a message here that does not lead quickly to the cross.

In Malitam, at the mission house and in several homes, bible study and teaching remains the foundation of the ministry. Souls are still being saved. Approximately 160 Salvations so far. But the most amazing thing I have seen here is the life change that so many go through during the discipleship process of bible study and prayer. It is impossible to describe difference I see in so many of the men, women, and children here. Don’t get me wrong – No one here has sprouted wings and started living perfectly without sin since their salvation. But they’re different. They’re beginning to see and approach life differently because they’re minds are being changed and they are being transformed. It’s amazing and just as addictive as watching one being saved.


Praise and prayer have exploded as a part of worship, spiritual counseling, and bible study meetings. People who would not ever open their mouths before are praising and worshiping in song, and they are also asking boldly for prayer from each other and boldly praying for one another. Above is a short video of a very simple chorus converted to Tagalog to help put worship in a Filipino Context. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.  I cant count the times this week I’ve been asked to pray for the healing of brokenness and sickness from people who know God is willing to reward those who earnestly seek Him.

My friend and co-minister, Dennis, from BCBC USED to only be my week-night interpreter. Now he begins to teach and preach the word. Things are coming together so quickly, and I’ve begun to think and pray about turning this work over to be pastored by someone from BCBC. My role as a planter in this work is almost done. Now it’s time to think about establishing a local Pastor while I contribute to growth by continuing to follow through with outreach and evangelism to those oppressed by the spirits of poverty, addiction, religion, as well as other people groups in the village.


Of course, I still have an obligation to study language, which I have fallen way short of.

Please be with Teresa and I in prayer about this specifically. It’s time to start thinking  and praying in that direction. This is a good thing.

On the lighter side, every Malitam ministry event on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday eventually leads to Teresa’s fellowship Table at home.

OK. Every once in a while it leads to a cafe, but mostly it leads to her table. She’s usually too busy to take pictures, but she’s here!!!

But here’s a good picture of her! We were taking the necessary earthquake precautions waiting outside patiently for the quakes and aftershocks to subside:


What can I say? She’s a safety girl!!!

Mrs Teresa and I did get to spend some quality time together in a place called Nasugbu. It was beautiful:

See you at the next update!!! Be blessed, and don’t forget to pray for this mission and Give God praise for the great things he has done!!!