Mission Update: 2/3/17

Happy Saturday, everyone!!!

First, I want to thank everyone from our ARCOM SYSTEMS, Inc family for the care packages. You honestly have no idea how this kind of thing improves attitude and state of mind. God always provides just the right thing, in just the right amount, in just the right time. THANK YOU!!!

Now for the really good stuff:

For some time now, the message in my heart has been, and still is “We just need to say ‘YES’ to our God and Savior”. We should be speaking to Him in our prayers and in our worship and praise. We should be listening and looking for Him in every part of our lives – His word, our circumstances, our surroundings, the people we see and come into contact with, everything that enters our ears, the good and bad events in our lives, the sufferings and joys we face every single day.

James 4:7 says we’re supposed to SUBMIT ourselves to God. Jesus said in Luke 6:46, “Don’t call me Lord to my face and then fail to do what I tell you”. He asked this question a few times at some pretty pivotal points in people’s lives: “Do you believe?” And, He said these things a number of times” Repent”, “Take up your cross”, “Follow Me”, “Love others truly the way I love you”.

He said, “Go everywhere and teach everybody everything I’ve ever said to you”. And, if you get your concordance out as you look through the Gospels and the epistles, you’ll likely find a direct connection between BELIEF and OBEDIENCE, also known as SUBMISSION.

I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s NOT. True BELIEF involves submission, and obedience, and the kind of faith that really is bigger than our fears, and our human logic and reasoning. But, when we finally find our way to that place where we really understand the true meaning of the words “Lord, I give you my life to do with whatever you want” (those are among the words I said when I was saved) we find that this is also the place of understanding that HE is already there doing the work, and we are just being used by HIM and under HIS protection, power and blessing.

You never are exactly in that place – believe me, I know – But you want to be and you strive and struggle to be.That’s when you get to see things you can’t explain. You get to meet people you never knew before and it changes your life in some important way. People come to your house hungry for earthly and spiritual food and leave you happy to clean up the mess later. That’s when other people in other places start seeing (through you) what words like “Saved”, and “Christlike”, and “discipleship” mean. You get to teach someone that “Recovery” is, in part, replacing a bad thing with a good thing, and the good thing is a SAVIOR. You get to lead people to Jesus. And then you get to Reap whey you have not planted because the Kingdom is multiplying because you are bearing fruit and your fruit is working and bearing fruit – I haven’t found a greater feeling so far than THAT, and it’s depicted 3 or 4 times in all the pictures in this post! All that because you’re obedient. You’re willing to “roll with it”, listening and watching for what He’s telling you. img_2134

And at the end of the day, you have stars in your crown and a new Work with a body of new believers to start. Those of you who know me best, know that this can only be God at work. He is good!!!

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