Misson Update:1/17/17

Hello, Everyone, and God Bless!!! Teresa and I hope all reading this are enjoying a blessed New Year. You’ll remember from the last update that Teresa and I spent the New Year visiting Banaue, in the Province of Ifugao – North, in the Mountains and Rice Terrace country. We brought in the New Year singing praises, worshiping and witnessing Jesus Christ there, and we were so blessed by God as we watched Him do His saving work.

We came home to Batangas City and began preparing for the Addiction Ministry Meeting. That meeting was very special because we had a guest speaker from Ifugao – a Pastor from a very powerful, spirit-filled Church Ministry there – was our guest speaker. He gave his personal testimony to the members of our ministry. You see, he is a recovered drug addict, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. His Name is Pastor Art Carpio, and I’m proud to call him my friend. His testimony meant a great deal to our members.

The Batangas City Police Held a meeting meeting with the Village Officials prior to our Counseling Service, and stayed to hear Pastor Art’s counseling message. It went so well that He inspired one of our Ministry’s members, Brother Willy, to give his own testimony. It’s very difficult to keep your composure when you see someone you care for so much become “lasting fruit” right in front of you.


But God also works in the lives of children and young people here because of the strength He has in the Ministries of BCBC. They go out of their way to reach and disciple kids and young people.

Two of the kids in the photo with me (the oldest-holding camera, and the boy sitting across from me) were baptized just last Sunday, leading by example for the younger ones they bring with them to church…

…Back to Malitam. I can’t say it enough: this is not a place for the weak of spirit or faint of heart.


But every time you say “yes” to God and His will for your your life – even though His direction and His plan might not pass your “smell test” – He blesses you. He responds to “yes” with an increase of everlasting fruit. If you say “yes”, He shows you that He is able to work all things to the good – for His glory.  And when you do what He says (while you call Him Lord, Lord) He lets you hang around and watch some really cool things happen.

You Get to see more people saved.

You get to work with all kinds of really cool, beautiful people to teach and disciple, and minister.

You get to watch lives change as people grow in the Lord. You get to hear them testify about how Jesus Christ saved them and changed them, and how they trust Him even though things are not going right.

And the Holy Spirit starts moving in a way that can’t be overlooked. More lives change, more people accept Jesus. More people give their testimonies, and more fruit is seen. People start gathering up to pray for one another in groups. Hands get raised, hands get laid. (in case you’re wondering: yes, that’s a big deal around here)

When you think it’s all done, you get more opportunities to say “yes” and you find yourself preaching about Jesus in unlikely places like a coed college dorm to young people you’ve never met. You get more opportunities to help meet a personal need or do a good deed, and you say “yes” because you never know what that might lead to.

But whatever it leads to, you know you will be BLESSED.

To our supporting churches in the Covenant Movement, and to our other supporting churches from our Baptist, Methodist, and Cumberland Presbyterian families; To our individual supporters from family members to friends from AG and other denominations: The updates you see posted on this website and on Facebook are not put up to boast. We boast only in Jesus Christ. There are a lot of pictures and information we cannot put up publicly. But what you do see serves 2 purposes: To give God glory, and to thank you – all of you. We want you all to see the LASTING FRUIT that your prayers and financial support are yielding. Teresa and I get to be here and see it up close and personal. We want you all to see it as much as possible too.

We’ll see you again in a week or so. Until then keep a watch for us by following this website: http://www.rooftopcovenantmission.com

and like and follow our Facebook pages:

Tracy Spencer

Teresa Spencer

Rooftop Covenant Mission Philippines



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