January 6th, 2017

I haven’t updated the website since before Christmas, because… well, I’ve been busy. 🙂

There is a lot to catch up on. The Highlights are as follows:

I was called upon to preach the Christmas Eve Fellowship service at the Mission Church in Lemery on December 24th. Jaycar translated for me, and God always seems to move in a special way when he and I work together. I’ve noticed that happening with Pastor Marion too. He’s the Pastor of this mission Church. We all three shared the preaching of this service, so as you can imagine, The Holy Spirit showed up. The alter call yielded 6 professions of faith, 1 life rededication, and 1 child dedication.

When the worship service ended, the fellowship and food began.

I found out later, that the salvations from that Christmas Eve service became the start of a new bible study in another Barangay of Lemery! This new work will begin the 2nd week of January!!! Pastor Mario is so excited!!!

We also instituted and are maintaining (Thanks again to Mario and Jaycar) individual and small group bible studies with the most faithful new belivers from the Drug addiction Ministry in Malitam. We have all been humbled and amazed at how God is changing lives and working through them in this ministry. We also have been working with Pastor Mark and the  Government’s Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and have began a large group bible study with their enrollees. A total of 26 have been saved by Jesus Christ through these 2 ministries. Souls are being saved and lives are changing in one of the most dangerous and spiritually oppressed villages in Batangas City. What an awesome beginning! Praise God for His Mercy and Grace.

By God’s grace, a new work will begin here soon. Everytime one turns around or blinks an eye, someone is being born again 🙂

Teresa Hosted an after-Christmas fellowship in our home. As usual, she outdid herself with food and deserts. She also fulfilled a prophetic vision from one of our Foundations* classmates back in 2015 by cooking large amounts of food in a big pot (in this case, a big bucket).

We spent the New Year’s Holiday with a family in Ifugao Province, in the Municipality of Banaue and it’s surrounding area. I go to reconnect with Pastor Art Carpio-a great man of God I met  last time we visited in January. A saved and reformed drug addict, He agreed to come give his testimony to our Ministry this coming weekend in Batangas. I’ll cover that next week.


This place is the home of some of the most beautiful and culturally significant places in the world, like the Rice Terraces and the Tapia water falls. Now, there is no way to show enough pics and vids to capture every beautiful  person, place and thing in a setting like this, but there are a few pictures and videos attached below. However, the most important thing is this: The Matriarch of this family who hosted us insisted on having a New Year’s Eve service in her home, and that we share the salvation message together so that her unsaved children would have another chance to accept Jesus. Her prayer was answered and Teresa and I got to see a mother’s tears of joy over the salvation of her lost son. A second man was saved when my friend Jordan shared the Gospel of Jesus with His uncle a day or 2 later. We also attended church with “Mom” and her family at “Christ Is The Answer Church” in Banaue. We didn’t preach there, but we did get to share a part of our testimony and I gave my Teaching Bible away to a young Believer named Beth, whose Bible was stolen along with other personal items recently. She was thrilled. Rooftop Covenant Mission will be sending a few Bibles to the youth and young people there soon. What beautiful spirits these people have.




What a wonderful, glorious God we serve!!! See you next week.





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