Rooftop Mission Update 12/19/2016

Mission visits to Lipa City with Rudy connected us with just the right people. We made new friends sharing the word and praying together, and also reconnected with old ones.

Teresa and I wound up coming back on Sunday to preach and stayed for their Christmas Fellowship. What a Great Day with people who are Happy just because they belong to Jesus.

We were so Blessed!!!


But I think the Biggest blessing of that day was this: Back during the week when we made the trip to Lipa for Visitations and Bible Studies I got the opportunity to pray for a man named Teddy. He was very sick. By Sunday Morning He was Healed and in Church praising God and Testifying for His Healing.




Sunday Continued in the evening with more Holiday Fellowship in Batangas The whole thing about “sharing life” with other people is to engage them. (just be careful about leaving your cell phone lying around)

I accepted an invitation to attend a monthly development/training meeting with Pastor Mark and a local Government Personality with the Department of Welfare and Social Development in MALITAM today. (Yay) I took my friend, Brother Jaycar. You know that thing I say every once-in-a-while about saying “yes”to God?  My testimony is, when you do, He opens doors and makes connections. I spent all day there.  I helped a guy get some medical attention at the Health Center. In doing that, I connected with a Filipino Doctor who wants to connect me  with some other Health and Government people to see how our Drug Addiction Ministry can play a bigger part in the Bigger picture for Malitam and a few other places like it in Batangas Province. I’m so excited!!! The other awesome thing that happened is throughout the day during the development sessions, Jaycar and I signed up approximately 30 women and men for Bile Studies every Tuesday!!! So now We’re spending  a minimum of 3 days per week in Malitam, moving closer every day to God’s plan.

What an awesome week! What an awesome God!!!



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