Rooftop Mission Update: 12/12/16

What a huge week! It began with a small group bible study with two  8th grade boys during recess on Monday Morning. The goal for this group is to focus on adding to the group so others will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel in a personal way. We’ll be praying through and studying the “Share Jesus Without Fear” method of witness. Sorry, photos not available, but I’ll get some loaded soon.

The regular House Church Meeting on Monday night was canceled because the members were busy studying to prepare for final exams at the University.

On Tuesday we held another bible study with a boy and girl, Shawn and Mark, from the 10th grade. These 2 want to see their classmates saved too, but their focus is on sharing Jesus with their families. They will be focusing on how let the Savior’s Joy and Peace in their lives be a living witness to their families and we’ll be praying for each other every week. Sorry, photos of these 2 not available yet either.

I met a man in Malitam (Robert) this week who wants to help with translation and to be a contact person for the addiction/recovery ministry. He’s been a big help. One day, he’ll be saved by his exposure to these messages. UPDATED: Robert has become unsure of his abilities and no longer wants to help translate. But He is still considered a friend, and an important part of our life experience in Malitam. Please pray for him and his family.

I took a road trip with Pastor Mario to Lemery. We visited the Mission Church on the Mountain outside of town there, and we also stopped and looked at some beach locations where I can bring Teresa for some “sand-in-the-toes” time every once in a while.

We had a House Church and Fellowship meeting here at home on Thursday night last week. We had such a blessed time that I really forgot to take pictures, but here are some of the ones that came. They were all pretty impressed with Teresa’s Am-Phil cooking. Sorry, I’ll really try to do better with the pictures next time. I get pretty caught up in the moments of life, and forget other people can’t see what I see.

On Friday night we were invited to the Christmas Celebration at the Batangas Christian School. I want to say that there is no 1 photo or set of photos that could begin to capture the Movement of the Holy Spirit that night, but this partial video will scratch the surface:

Of course, we had our regular Meeting for the Addiction Ministry on Saturday Morning. So far, 12 men and women have accepted Jesus as their savior and Lord and turned their lives over to by profession of their faith. Over the past few weeks a “core group” of 7 members have shown themselves as faithful to their commitment to the process of Recovery and Discipleship. There were no newcomers at Saturday’s meeting, but the Holy Spirit moved just the same during this service, and these members want to see others overcome their sins as well as the suffering and shame of their past. We’re “almost family”. There are a few out there in Fayetteville, Arkansas who will understand that saying.

So, Teresa and I, with the Help of this “family”, and Brother Jaycar from BCBC, will be making daily trips for house – to – house visitation, personal counseling, and bible study in the afternoons Beginning this week. UPDATED: The first visit of the week was today. We met up with Roy Roldan, and then with Sister Mylene Benegas, both members of the Recovery ministry. Please pray for these 2 as the begin a life of victory over sin and addiction.

I also was able to go with Jaycar to a village called Tingga Labac to fellowship with some kids he does bible study with on a weekly basis. These kids are all cousins, but act more like brothers and sisters. They became taken with Teresa and I, so we’ve decided to “share life” with them. It is Rasal’s 14th Birthday today – the oldest boy in the photo. Pray for a strong life in Christ for him and this family!!!

Another trip to Lemery and to Lipa City are planned this week. I need the practice 🙂


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