Update for 12/28/2016

Sorry we have not posted an update this week. The Ministry has multiplied, which has kept us so busy. The Christmas and New Year Holiday Season has added to all of that. Teresa and I are with a family Visiting the Mountain Provence of Ifugao. Internet is limited, do we will post another update with lots of pictures when we return to Batangas. Please look at our Facebook pages to see what has happened with Rooftop since 12/19/2016. See you all soon, and God Bless!!!

Rooftop Mission Update 12/19/2016

Mission visits to Lipa City with Rudy connected us with just the right people. We made new friends sharing the word and praying together, and also reconnected with old ones.

Teresa and I wound up coming back on Sunday to preach and stayed for their Christmas Fellowship. What a Great Day with people who are Happy just because they belong to Jesus.

We were so Blessed!!!


But I think the Biggest blessing of that day was this: Back during the week when we made the trip to Lipa for Visitations and Bible Studies I got the opportunity to pray for a man named Teddy. He was very sick. By Sunday Morning He was Healed and in Church praising God and Testifying for His Healing.




Sunday Continued in the evening with more Holiday Fellowship in Batangas The whole thing about “sharing life” with other people is to engage them. (just be careful about leaving your cell phone lying around)

I accepted an invitation to attend a monthly development/training meeting with Pastor Mark and a local Government Personality with the Department of Welfare and Social Development in MALITAM today. (Yay) I took my friend, Brother Jaycar. You know that thing I say every once-in-a-while about saying “yes”to God?  My testimony is, when you do, He opens doors and makes connections. I spent all day there.  I helped a guy get some medical attention at the Health Center. In doing that, I connected with a Filipino Doctor who wants to connect me  with some other Health and Government people to see how our Drug Addiction Ministry can play a bigger part in the Bigger picture for Malitam and a few other places like it in Batangas Province. I’m so excited!!! The other awesome thing that happened is throughout the day during the development sessions, Jaycar and I signed up approximately 30 women and men for Bile Studies every Tuesday!!! So now We’re spending  a minimum of 3 days per week in Malitam, moving closer every day to God’s plan.

What an awesome week! What an awesome God!!!



Rooftop Mission Update: 12/12/16

What a huge week! It began with a small group bible study with two  8th grade boys during recess on Monday Morning. The goal for this group is to focus on adding to the group so others will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel in a personal way. We’ll be praying through and studying the “Share Jesus Without Fear” method of witness. Sorry, photos not available, but I’ll get some loaded soon.

The regular House Church Meeting on Monday night was canceled because the members were busy studying to prepare for final exams at the University.

On Tuesday we held another bible study with a boy and girl, Shawn and Mark, from the 10th grade. These 2 want to see their classmates saved too, but their focus is on sharing Jesus with their families. They will be focusing on how let the Savior’s Joy and Peace in their lives be a living witness to their families and we’ll be praying for each other every week. Sorry, photos of these 2 not available yet either.

I met a man in Malitam (Robert) this week who wants to help with translation and to be a contact person for the addiction/recovery ministry. He’s been a big help. One day, he’ll be saved by his exposure to these messages. UPDATED: Robert has become unsure of his abilities and no longer wants to help translate. But He is still considered a friend, and an important part of our life experience in Malitam. Please pray for him and his family.

I took a road trip with Pastor Mario to Lemery. We visited the Mission Church on the Mountain outside of town there, and we also stopped and looked at some beach locations where I can bring Teresa for some “sand-in-the-toes” time every once in a while.

We had a House Church and Fellowship meeting here at home on Thursday night last week. We had such a blessed time that I really forgot to take pictures, but here are some of the ones that came. They were all pretty impressed with Teresa’s Am-Phil cooking. Sorry, I’ll really try to do better with the pictures next time. I get pretty caught up in the moments of life, and forget other people can’t see what I see.

On Friday night we were invited to the Christmas Celebration at the Batangas Christian School. I want to say that there is no 1 photo or set of photos that could begin to capture the Movement of the Holy Spirit that night, but this partial video will scratch the surface:

Of course, we had our regular Meeting for the Addiction Ministry on Saturday Morning. So far, 12 men and women have accepted Jesus as their savior and Lord and turned their lives over to by profession of their faith. Over the past few weeks a “core group” of 7 members have shown themselves as faithful to their commitment to the process of Recovery and Discipleship. There were no newcomers at Saturday’s meeting, but the Holy Spirit moved just the same during this service, and these members want to see others overcome their sins as well as the suffering and shame of their past. We’re “almost family”. There are a few out there in Fayetteville, Arkansas who will understand that saying.

So, Teresa and I, with the Help of this “family”, and Brother Jaycar from BCBC, will be making daily trips for house – to – house visitation, personal counseling, and bible study in the afternoons Beginning this week. UPDATED: The first visit of the week was today. We met up with Roy Roldan, and then with Sister Mylene Benegas, both members of the Recovery ministry. Please pray for these 2 as the begin a life of victory over sin and addiction.

I also was able to go with Jaycar to a village called Tingga Labac to fellowship with some kids he does bible study with on a weekly basis. These kids are all cousins, but act more like brothers and sisters. They became taken with Teresa and I, so we’ve decided to “share life” with them. It is Rasal’s 14th Birthday today – the oldest boy in the photo. Pray for a strong life in Christ for him and this family!!!

Another trip to Lemery and to Lipa City are planned this week. I need the practice 🙂


Update for 12/5/2016

Mission Update: 12/5/16

The Spiritual Counseling Ministry/Drug Addiction Ministry continues to go pretty well. The praises are that 2 new men attended, received the message, participated in the discussions, and accept Jesus as their Savior, asking Him to heal, lead, help, comfort, and give them peace.

People in the group really seem to understand and accept the fact that Jesus is the only way, truth, and life, and that the “Road to Recovery” or “ the narrow, difficult path can only be navigated by Following Him. Praise God that His message is clear and simple, leaving Teresa and I and the others little room for failure. Praise God that the Mission Pastors and Ministry Workers that help me translate the material and minister each week see its value for every part of life and not just for overcoming substance addiction. They have been using this material for their Sunday Morning messages and bible study groups.

The prayer requests are:

  1. For a greater residual attendance rate: Only ½ of the 10 saved during the previous week’s training service returned this week. I know 50% sounds awesome for a residual rate, and it is, but Teresa and I cannot help worrying after the lives and well being of the ones who may not yet be embracing  and living in the truth of Jesus Christ from week to week after they have heard and accepted it. God is faithful and just to forgive, and He is mighty to save, but flesh is weak and the “process of being saved” that each of us goes through is difficult, especially when we have an addiction to face and overcome. Please pray for these people as the struggle with the OPPORTUNITY to remain strong in admitting their need and submitting themselves to the Lord of lords.
  2. Please pray for Teresa and I as we begin to expand this ministry this week by going to Malitam more and more through the week as a follow up to each weekly general meeting to minister personally to anyone in the program who will accept our love and support. We believe this will go a long way toward successfully meeting the opportunities mentioned already. This work is difficult because Malitam is not a pleasant place. The language barrier is stronger there than other parts of Batangas City, and this Ministry is the Gateway to the Muslim population there. You can bet that every obstacle and battle the enemy has to use against The Kingdom plans God has for this will be used.

We were blessed to be able to share in the 17th Anniversary Celebration services at BCBC. Over 1000 people attended, and many decisions for Jesus Christ were made.

We went to Cavite this week to check on construction of a new, temporary building for the mission church there. This church has been meeting in a small apartment. It has become too small to accommodate the Worship Service attendance there, which has grown to about 30 adults plus their children. A larger (but still temporary) building is going up on a member’s piece of property that should accommodate growth up to about 60 adults over the next year. We hope during that time period the New Building at Mabakong will be completed so we can start concentrating on finding property and building a new church there in Cavite. Please help us pray for God’s favor and leadership for Pastor Jervel and his wife, Jenna.

I’m hoping to be able to travel to Lemery with Pastor Mario and to Lipa with Pastor Rudy later this week and sit in on some of thier weekly bible studies and church services. I’ll add pictures of all the Missions and the Pastors as I get them. Jervel and his wife, Jenna were not available when we were there at Cavite.

Mostly Teresa and I have just been trying to “experience life” with as many people as possible this week. I read something on a blog site last week that reminded me of the fact that Experiencing Life with other people was exactly what Jesus did and what He taught us to do while He lived and ministered on this earth. When we take the time and make the effort to “Experience the Life” of another person or other people, we begin to understand them better. The better we understand someone the more effective we become at sharing Jesus with him-both wth words and by example. How much better off would a world full of THAT be?