Update for November 28th, 2016

Well, it’s almost the end of the month, and unless something truly extraordinary happens, this will likely be the last post of November. In random order, here are the things that happened last week:

Teresa cooked her first authentic Filipino meal. OK, it was done in an American way, but the food is still Filipino cuisine. Bread, fish, rice lumpia. (and fries lol)img_1340

She also became mobile this week! Electric – no registration, license, or fuel. Top Speed = 18.5 mph+/-. good for 35 miles between charges. This will get her back and forth between home and school, church, nearby shopping, and friends.


I obtained a little personal mobility too. It ain’t exactly a H-D, but it does the job for a little more distant and involved travel. Pastor M said I was too fat for a scooter. :-0


We think we’ve found 4-wheel transportation too. It will a BIG help in transporting people and materials for the ministries we’re working in. Still working on that. We Also solved our internet problem. YAY!!!

I found a good deal on a Yamaha guitar for “house church” here in the Mission House and we bought 20 Tagalog – English Bibles. Teresa and I have made friends with a girl named Geraldine Mortel, who lives with and works for the family next door. She comes over 2 or 3 evenings per week and we discuss scripture and sing praises. Please pray the house-church work multiplies. 

But the best news of all is this: At the 2nd meeting of the Values Training and Personality Enhancement Counseling Program (we can’t call it celebrate recovery) in Malitam this past Saturday, there were 10 decisions to Accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. This happens at a time when I’m wondering if I’m just spinning my wheels praying through and working up the counseling messages and spending the hours working on translation.  Please pray specifically for these things:

  1. That each of these men and women will stay strong and encouraged and comforted by the God of all comfort in their new found faith in Jesus Christ as the follow a road of discipleship leading to recovery and healing from their addictions.
  2. That these 20 will grow into examples and leaders for others to follow and that this ministry will expand and multiply into the Muslim community in Malitam.
  3. Teresa and I. Personal visitations will begin very soon as a follow up to the general meetings on Saturday. Pray for me because I’m a man of action. Translated, that means I am impatient. Pray for Teresa because she has to deal with me.

We’re about to start giving away bibles and and discipleship materials faster than we can replenish our supplies. That’s a VERY good thing, and our Savior is a Good, Good, Everlasting Father. -Isaiah 9:6


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