Day 3 7:57 PM

We attended morning worship at BCBC. Interestingly, the message was on Matthew 28:16-20, The Great Commission. I remember teaching and hearing teaching on this passage many times, and I remember saying more than once… “the mission field is right outside the door of this church”. That was there in Prairie Grove, America. Today I was so happy, and almost startled, to realize that statement is true in such a new and deeply literal way for Teresa and I today. WE’RE IN THE PHILIPPINES, Y’ALL!!!

Go to the mountain I’ve appointed. You’ll find me there. There will be doubters, but when you see me, you’ll know who I am. I have been given all authority over all things, including you, so GO! Go to every place and make disciples and baptize them. Go everywhere and teach everything that I have taught you to everyone you meet. If you will worship me in spirit and in truth instead of calling me Lord without doing what I say, I will always be with you, and you’ll be fine. Even if you have nothing, I’ll send you to a place where the brook and the ravens will feed your hunger and thirst. Trust me and you’ll be fine. If the brook runs dry and the ravens get tired, I’ll send you to another place where others will take care of you. Just do what I say. Preach my word.tempblend Live for me and you’ll be AWESOME.

-Matthew 28:16-20 with help from Luke 6: 46-49 and 1Kings 17:1-16

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